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Natura House  develops, produces, and provides for packaging all your products directly in its own cosmetic and nourishing departments.
Thanks to our modern equipments, flexibility and very well trained and versatile staff, we can grant to our clients always the best quality.
Our own internal  “Research Laboratory”  is equipped to develop updated and innovative formulations  according to all clients needs.

Natura House , on clients demand, can offer following additional services:

•Trade mark: we can design your trademark, name and look of your product
•Develop strategic Marketing plans
•Develop innovative packaging
•Study the best suitable packaging for your product
•Edit all the advertising material, including the technical one
•Assistance in legal documents issuing
•Provide for “dermatological tested” tests,  effectiveness assessments, nickel controls
•Developing and packaging test samples
•Updating courses on products

Cosmetic Area
The cosmetic workshop is specialized in manufacturing  products in different forms, such as: hydrolytes, tensiolytes,  emulsions, suspensions, anhydrous-doughy and in powder products. Production range includes: face, body, & hair-treatments; oral hygiene & babies products, and besides products for specific dermatological problems.
Up-to-date equipments with variable capacity and a  warehouse always very well equipped of raw materials, guarantee a daily production capacity of:

•6.000 kg. of semimanufactured  product for shampoos,  and soaps for delicate areas and for  body
•1.000 kg. of SLS free detergents, or other kind of detergents with special features
•1.500 kg. of semimanufactured - both cold or warm emulsions - for face, body and hair care
•400 kg. of aspersion powders

Our manufacturing  department has a total daily capacity of  50.000 pieces, including jars, bottles, tiny bottles, single doses, plastic or metal tubes, of various measures: from 10 to 1000 ml.

Food supplement Area

Natura House is entitled by Ministry of Health to produce food supplements.

In our Plant  following Departments can be found:

•Macerated dept.: which develops and manufacturers hydroalcholic solutions of medicinal selected plants, mono and multi-components, along with herbalist-quality infusions
•Tablets dept.: three ”RONCHI” compressing machines ensure high productions in different forms
•Capsules dept.: 2 Operculum Machines, various forms
•Solutions dept.: Syrups and liquid-food supplements preparation
•For packaging are used: filling, blistering, labelling, casing production lines which can pack different sizes and containers such as blisters, bottles, jars, bulks, all in different sizes

Packaging, a fundamental choice

Within the packaging department, we study solutions that respond to the different needs of the marketing department: blisters, bottles, tins, bulk, all designed to suit various capacities.


Natura House

Natura - Natura House since 1970 - Vendita prodotti e cosmetici naturali al 100% - Original Italian Brand


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