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Natura House Since 1970 Natura House Since 1970 Natura House Since 1970

Natural philosophy


Values & Dedication

Since its  foundation on 1970, Natura House has had a well definite and precise target:
produce products containing all nature’s goodness;
make cosmetics with the most pure  vegetables ingredients;
prepare food and herbal supplements belonging to the best Mediterranean tradition
all this, mixing  ancient tradition’s  wisdom with modern researches;
And above all  make all  our products known all over the world.     

Research  &  Innovation

Our Research Workers have the everyday task of searching and finding the most suitable  raw materials along with the most effective and safe active principles.
Our constant commitment allows us to make products always in line with market requests, without  for this reason, giving up originality and creativity.
Studying new formulations, our Researches Centre has focused the indispensable requisite  of  enriching our products in a way that, the bioavailability belonging to the active principles, would  be effective in the final products; making this way our products really effective.


Values and  dedications of Natura House's Research Laboratories in searching always new formulations with high natural percentage in each single component become concrete. In all our product we can therefore state the real high percentage of natural origin components.

Natura House has made the choice of excluding, or only when strictly necessary to use in the lowest percentage possible, all ingredients of synthetic origin.

Quality sistem

All our products, both cosmetic and  food supplements, are produced and controlled following an internal strict discipline well-tested by a more than 37 years experience.
Our formulas contains only ingredients of natural origin, except for those absolutely necessary for the product stability which cannot be found as natural products.

Cosmetic research developed in Natura House's Resarch Laboratory Centre , is in the forefront of study new formulations which are together effective and agreeable to use with  high dermocompatibility.
All our products are NOT TESTED on animals.

Natura House's cosmetics are dermatologically tested with the cooperation of Pavia University.
Microbiolocigal tests are carried out in Natura House own Laboratories

Natura House

Natura - Natura House since 1970 - Vendita prodotti e cosmetici naturali al 100% - Original Italian Brand


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